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Prince George October unemployment rate slightly decreases, B.C. also drops almost one per cent

Canada decreases by 0.1 per cent
The unemployment rate decreased in Prince George as well as provincially and nationally. (via Getty Images)

The unemployment rates locally, provincially and nationally are continuing to improve month-by-month amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to the latest Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada shows slight declines all over, including Prince George which shrunk from 9.9 per cent in September to 9.5 per cent last month. 

B.C. dropped slightly as well, coming in at eight per cent last month after recording the same unemployment rate in September. 

The province added 34,000 jobs recently (+1.4 per cent) which added to other increases over the previous five months (302,000). 

October is the fifth straight month that B.C. saw a decline in the unemployment rate. 

Canada also had a better month, only very small, going from nine per cent in September to 8.9 in October. 

Employment grew in Canada by 84,000 jobs last month after growing an average of 2.7 per cent per month since May. 

Most of the increase for October came in full-time work, increasing by 69,000, while the number of those that work part-time barely changed. 

Statistics Canada also says 540,000 Canadians were wanting to work but did not look for jobs, which is down from 39,000 in September. 

Self-employment saw a decent increase last month, the first since the COVID-19 economic hit in March. October saw another 33,000 self-employed workers. 

Employment in the accommodation and food services dropped in October by 48,000 jobs, a decline of 4.6 per cent. 

The retail industry also saw increases last month by 31,000 (+1.4 per cent). 

Airline companies in Canada have also struggled severely since COVID-19, with large slashes in employees and flights.

Stats Canada says in August, major airlines saw 86.8 per cent fewer passengers compared to August 2019.