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Prince George cyclist riding to Jasper to support BC Epilepsy Society

Chris Winwood’s 375-km Ride for Epilepsy takes place in August.
Prince George cyclist Chris Winwood will be riding from Prince George to Jasper to raise money for the BC Epilepsy Society during the Ride for Epilepsy in August.

Prince George cyclist Chris Winwood will be hitting the road in August to raise funds for the BC Epilepsy Society.

Winwood, who has epilepsy himself, will be riding roughly 375 km from Prince George to Jasper during the Ride for Epilepsy, Aug. 19-20.

“I want to show people that epilepsy doesn’t have to take what you’re passionate about away from you and that it isn’t out of reach as long as you are smart, safe, and capable of handling the situation and have good people around you to help you when you need it,” Winwood said. “I want to raise money for epilepsy in the North and for the North.”

Residents can support Winwood’s cause by donating online. Winwood is also seeking sponsors for the Ride for Epilepsy. Interested companies or agencies contact Deirdre Syms at [email protected] or at 1-778-533-0790 for more information.

“I want to help create a strong, diverse, and positive community for people with epilepsy so that they can find other people who also have epilepsy and share their stories and learn from one another, find strength in one another, and support one another,” Winwood said.  “I want to create a community to say the things I wasn’t told when I started my journey that the life I wanted to live was not out of reach. That I could ride into better tomorrow and I plan on doing that again with this ride and all future rides going forward.”