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Prince George business owner keeping her sister's dream alive

Juanita Dalziel lost her sister Margaret McMorrow in 2014 and took over her soup business to honour her memory.
Sister's Soup Factory owner Juanita Dalziel took over the business to honour her sister Margaret's memory as she moves forward without her.

The Soup Factory started out as Margaret McMorrow’s business in 2011 but when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer she asked sister Juanita Dalziel to take over.

Dalziel honoured her sister’s last wishes in 2014 and continues to honour her memory with one little change in the business' name which is now called Sister’s Soup Factory as a reminder that it was once was and in some ways will always be Margaret’s business.

“I started this as just a farmers’ market business and I’ve actually grown it to a full-time business,” Dalziel said. “I do trade shows all over Alberta and B.C. and I am in stores all over Alberta and B.C.”

Dalziel can be found at the Farmer’s Market alongside the courthouse in downtown Prince George every Saturday for the summer.

In Prince George, the ready-to-go dry ingredient packets can be found at the Jerky Factory, Ave Maria, Homesteader Meats, 4 Oak Oil & Vinegar and Spruce Capital Feeds.

Every soup packet is made fresh with no added salt.

“And all you do is add the liquid they call for and whatever meat you like and you get eight to ten cups of soup per package,” Dalziel said. “The favourite is Mexican Taco.”

Other flavours include beef barley, coconut curry, chicken rice, chicken noodle, lik-a-dee split pea, creamed tomato basil macaroni, lasagna surprise, beef stroganoff, and for those looking for gluten-free options, there is mulligatawny, chuckwagon chili and El Paso Mexican taco, coconut curry and hearty lasagna.

Most of the recipes are McMorrow’s originals and over time Dalziel added a few more.

“Margaret had a passion for helping others with her healthy, convenient, affordable soups,” Dalziel said. “I’m just keeping it going.”

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