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Prince George breweries now crafting hand sanitizer during COVID-19 pandemic

Trench, CrossRoads respond to overwhelming demand
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Prince George breweries are now brewing hand sanitizer. (via Trench Brewing and Distilling/CrossRoads Brewery and Distillery)

While it's been essentially impossible to find hand sanitizer due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you'll now be able to find and buy it - locally.

Trench Brewing and Distilling, as well as CroassRoads Brewery and Distillery, have both announced they are creating batches of sanitizer in their breweries. 

Trench Brewing says the idea came to light when a special licensing provision from the government was available since the product has been hit with massive shortages.

"We have family who own Stillhead Distillery in Duncan, B.C. who have been producing for the last couple of months." Owner of Trench Brewing and Distilling Esther Schwenning tells PrinceGeorgeMatters.

"They really helped us get this project off the ground."

But they didn't go in on it alone. Trench partnered with CrossRoads and Smithers Brewing to be able to purchase the product to make the sanitizer since the raw goods and packaging is incredibly hard to find

"We joined forces to have better buying power and to try to keep the price affordable for our customers. All three breweries will be packaging under their own brand as we all had to obtain our own government licence."

Making of the sanitizer doesn't interfere with brewing operations, as per Trench brewery.

The sanitizer, as well as packaging and labeling, takes place during evenings and weekends. 

"Our entire team at trench has been very supportive on getting this product out to northern B.C.," Schwenning added.

Bottles of sanitizer are available at the brewery starting tomorrow (May 19) or online in 750 mL bottles for $20.

The company says it'll start offering different-sized bottles by the middle of June. 

Trench is also looking at charities to donate the product too, saying it plans to focus on the smaller groups that have been hit especially hard during the pandemic.

CrossRoads is expected to announce details on its sales of sanitizer soon.