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Prince George Airport unveils long-term premium-parking option for travellers

The seven spots, which include winter plug-ins, will cost $2,500 a year
Prince George Airport premium parking - Sept. 3, 2020
Premium parking at the Prince George Airport will be located next to the international terminal. (via YXS - Prince George Airport)

Something old has become something new and exclusive at YXS.

The Prince George Airport Authority (PGAA) has upgraded an existing parking lot for rental vehicles into a new long-term premium option for frequent travellers.

PGAA spokesperson Lindsay Cotter tells PrinceGeorgeMatters there are seven spots available for $2,500 a year, but more could potentially be added if the program courts an increase in demand.

The allocated spots can also be shared among peers, one at a time, that wish to park their vehicle at the airport.

“Over the last few years we have received numerous requests for a premium parking product,” said PGAA President and CEO Gordon Duke in a statement today (Sept. 3), noting the spots are located next to the international terminal.

“We have a number of frequent travellers who have annual permits, whether they live in [Prince George] and work elsewhere or it’s a business whose employees rotate, this is another option for them to consider.”

The spots are also equipped with electrical plug-ins to enhance customer experience, which the PGAA says is perfect for Prince George winters and needing to keep a vehicle warm.

For more information and to secure a spot in premium parking, you’re asked to contact the Prince George Airport.