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PHOTOS: Prince George takes advantage of brighter days to socially isolate outdoors

Weekend weather ideal for family walks, ice-fishing and climbing trees

Out of hibernation… in a manner of speaking.

Prince George families and residents decided to step outside this past weekend and enjoy the sunshine in taking a break from self-isolation.

Stepping out of their own homes, people explored backyard trails with their children or pets while maintaining distance away from others.

It was still reasonably cold outside in Prince George, so some decided to cash in on, what could be, the last round of ice-fishing before Spring officially starts.

Nature was illuminated by the sun, providing picture-perfect opportunities for amateur photographers.

And for some, it was about taking advantage of what’s around the house, like hammocks, garage hockey and even climbing a tree for the first time.

B.C. has advised everyone to keep at least a six-foot distance away from each other, about the length of a hockey stick, to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing and to not touch your face.

So if you decide to go out and soak in the sun when possible, don’t forget to wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds and as frequently as you can.

Did you take a photo outside somewhere in Prince George while social distancing? Email it to Don't forget to include the date the picture was taken, the location and your full name.