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PHOTOS: Latest Prince George condo development keeps everything local

Bragg Developments builds nine units downtown, stress others to join movement

The first project can be the toughest at times, but a Prince George development company says it was worth the three-year wait.

In 2016, Bragg Developments came to City Council with an idea to build a smaller condominium for new residents to be closer to downtown and thrive with the locals.

Since their approval, the Nine on Seventh building, located at 1694 7 Ave., is complete with nine modern units on three floors for certain demographics in mind. 

“Young working professionals, retired folks, and people who are interested in walking around town,” said Terry Wintemute, a co-owner of Bragg Developments, to PrinceGeorgeMatters today (July 9) at the front doors of the new condos. “With its revitalization with all the restaurants, the Farmer’s Market, and the brewhouses downtown, I think some tenants that live here already are so excited about this whole situation of being able to walk downtown and that everything is accessible. You don’t have to drive at all to get to those places from here.”

Nearly 100 people put in the hours to complete the $3.8 million project, all of which are local employees from framers and contractors, to landscapers and interior designers.

This was a move Bragg Developments wanted to make to separate themselves from other builders in and around the city.

“Compared to other developments, we worked hard on our financing and that was a big deal for us,” said co-owner Deanna Shaw. “We have nothing against Parkhouse [by City Hall], but they seemed to have had a lot of help behind them. We’ve kept everything local, every trade has been local, every dollar that we’ve spent has been local, and we’re really proud of that.”

Wintemute and Shaw’s business partner Kristan Bragg explained to PrinceGeorgeMatters as well that he believes B.C.’s northern capital isn't given the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being awarded the task to build new houses and that local contractors should be considered regardless.

“Some are from Kelowna and Kamloops, New Rock Developments comes out of Medicine Hat, and that’s just naming a few. We feel like Prince George needs to step up in that. I think people are more attracted to the fact that something is built locally and that we should support our local contractors. There may not be a lot, but they do a good job.”

The new Nine to Seven building is fully complete, they are in the process of filling in the landscaping, and is 100 per cent handicap accessible with wider doorways and hallways, lower switches and plugs on the walls, walk-in shower stalls, and a heated ramp and staircase for less maintenance in the winter.

Three of the units have already been sold, much to the delight of Shaw.

“We were surprised because we wanted to build for working professionals downtown that would’ve wanted to walk for work and things like that, but we’ve had a couple of snowbirds live in here now,” she said. “Lots of older people are interested in just wanting to downsize and travel in the winter and lock up. So we feel we have a great building for them and that we have some of the largest units in town.”

Each unit ranges from 1,256 to 1,376 sq. ft. and has two bedrooms, a den, full kitchen with up-to-date appliances and nine-foot-high ceilings.

If you’re lucky to be on the top floor, the ceilings are 14 feet high in the living room.

Bragg Developments is hosting an open house this month, Wednesday, July 17, for those interested in learning about the building or are looking for a new place to live.

More information is available on Bragg Developments' website.