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Pampering with purpose: How a small B.C. business is helping arctic animals

Arctic animals like the polar bear are the focus of a new ‘pampering with purpose’ campaign from a duo of B.C. small businesses. (via @kpuresnow/Instagram)

Karen Johnson started her all-natural skincare brand, K’pure, out of her garage a few years ago. The Mission, B.C. mother of four was looking for an alternative to mass-market deodorants and lotion that were passing aluminum and plastics through her breastmilk to her then-infant son.

She got to work coming up with formulas of her own, and word began to spread in her community about her non-toxic and all-natural products that work so well. Soon, what was a hobby evolved into a full-scale operation, and a bustling business with an impressive product line that includes masques, room sprays, serums, bath soaks, body butters and much more.


Our first product of the day is: Get Closer deodorant! Have you made the switch to a natural deodorant yet? Have you heard about potential detox symptoms and you’re too scared to make the switch? 
Did you know that antiperspirant works by using nasty ingredients like aluminum to block your sweat? So when you stop using antiperspirant, all of those gross toxins will be looking for a way to escape your body and your pores. 
The best way to make the switch is to quit antiperspirant cold turkey. Switch to Get Closer or Get Gently Closer and if you find you have detox symptoms, use our Clean Up mud masque or Goal Digger clay masque on your pits 2-3 times a week. Once detox is finished, stick to the masque application once a week. This will balance pH in the area and keep things smooth, clean and free of irritation. Sometimes we may think we have an aversion to baking soda, when in fact we need a good deep clean in the area with the masque to balance the area. Be sure to keep an eye on our Stories today for more deodorant tips, and don’t forget to post your most creative Stories and/or post with Get Closer for your chance to win a $50 shop credit. Make sure to tag @kpurenaturals in your stories and posts and remember that private accounts cannot be seen!

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Savvily, Johnson made great use of social media — particularly Instagram — to grow her business, with influencers and celebrities spreading the gospel that K’pure shares on its own feed. With an appealing aesthetic and messaging centred on strong women, caring for animals, self-care, family, and nature, K’pure definitely reflects a way of life, and lets people vote with their shopping dollars by supporting a small business with big ethics.

Not surprisingly, it was on Instagram where I first learned about Johnson and her K’pure line. I’d just begun the quest to find a natural deodorant, and K’pure was highly recommended. I had tried a few others and was wondering if going back to commercial and chemical-laden products was my only option, but I gave K’pure a shot, and I’ve been a customer for nearly two years now. In addition to the Get Closer natural deodorant, the Almond Cookie spray and the Perk Up coffee scrub are personal favourites.

Recently, Johnson took K’pure’s ability to use a product to amplify a cause to the next level. She teamed up with Vancouver-based marketing agency Partner & Hawes to release two products under the sub-label “Snow” for which proceeds go to support arctic environmental causes — Canada’s snowy north and its beautiful inhabitants that need help in the face of climate change.


I am VERY excited to share with you a very special project I have been working on with Taya at @partners_hawes The original idea was to create some holiday client gifts for @partners_hawes and this snowballed into a new line called Snow. Today we present to you our first two bracingly fresh products: Arctic Bath Soak and Arctic Mist. Proceeds benefit arctic habitants, inspiring you to give consciously this holiday season. Our Polar Bears will thank you for it! Find more Snow inspiration at @kpuresnow and check out the new site via the link in our bio. You can purchase our newest Snow products on the new website or on our current k’pure website, and in stores SOON!

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There is a Snow “Arctic Mist” spray for your skin, linens, or room, as well as a Snow bath soak. Both have a bright, bracing, wintery feel but pack a lot of soothing, and are of course all-natural and cruelty-free.

The concept for the “Snow” line is one of “pampering with purpose.” Essentially, it’s that you can still enjoy self-care while simultaneously giving back. Feel good, do good.

“This project is super exciting and dear to my heart. It’s for a great cause, one that I think is under-supported yet critical,” says Johnson. “I’m ecstatic to shine light, share awareness and raise funds for this worthy initiative. My hope is that Snow creates a flurry of positive impact.”

The Snow products are available online via their own web portal, or you can check out the full K’pure range online (or see who stocks the products at a store near you).

— Lindsay William-Ross, Vancouver Is Awesome