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Northern Health is raising awareness about local eating disorder resources

Regional Eating Disorder Clinic in Prince George offers virtual supports across the region
A young woman speaks with a therapist.

Eating disorders affect people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages and socioeconomic class, abilities, races, and ethnic backgrounds. 

From February 1 to 7 every year is national eating disorder awareness week, and Northern Heath is using this week to highlight resources that can support those living with or affected by eating disorders.

Outside the deaths due to the toxic drug supply eating disorders have the highest mortality rate amongst all mental health and addiction issues.  

However, eating disorders are about more than just food and weight. They are also about coping with difficult emotions, oppressive or traumatic circumstances, feelings of self-worth, and control and can affect a person’s social, emotional, mental, and spiritual functioning.

Based on prevalence data from international research, at any given time, an estimated 840,000 to 1,750,000 people in Canada have symptoms sufficient for an eating disorder diagnosis.

“We have all grown up with diet culture, and it takes courage and practice to spot it and reject it,” says Emilia Moulechkova, Northern Health Dietitian and Regional Lead, School-Age Nutrition.

“Sometimes it may not feel safe to do so, and that is completely okay. Working on figuring things out together with youth in your life can build trusting relationships – which is protective in itself!”

Northern Health has a Regional Eating Disorder Clinic located in Prince George that provides services for children, youth and adults living with eating disorders along with their families which offers in-person outpatient care for people in Prince George and the surrounding area.

The team at the clinic includes a manager, team lead, administrative assistant, youth and adult therapists, dietitians, nurses, occupational therapist, family physicians, life-skills workers and psychiatrist.

Everyone in the North, regardless of where they live, can also now access the clinic virtually, via telehealth or video. The clinic supports regional clients with diagnosis, treatment planning, and connections to a full range of services in their home communities.

Those wishing to get an appointment should ask their primary doctor, nurse practitioner or specialist for a referral or can find more information on Northern Health’s website.

To help participate in the awareness campaign BC residents can show support by wearing purple and take a photo on social media using the hashtag #ShowPurpleLove or #EDAW2023.

More information and resources can also be found by following organizations like Jessie's Legacy (@loveourbodiesloveourselves), the National Eating Disorder Information Centre  and the Looking Glass Foundation.




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