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New traffic signals at Ospika Boulevard and 22nd Avenue now activated

Signals will be fully activated later this week
Ospika and 22nd Avenue. (via City of Prince George)

The newest traffic signals in Prince George have been activated. 

The City of Prince George says contracted crews and electricians have finished construction of new traffic signals at the intersection of 22nd Avenue and Ospika Boulevard. 

For the time being, the lights are currently flashing red and are acting as a four-way stop, which the city says will allow time for crews to watch signal timing as well as vehicle detection. 

The city also wants to increase public awareness and allow drivers time to get used to the new intersection. 

Later this week (Aug. 9), the signals will become fully operative and will act as a regular intersection featuring "permissive left turns," which means turning can happen on a green light when it's safe to do so. 

The city says the lights bring the following benefits: 

  • Improved access to nearby residential, light industrial and recreational areas
  • Better and safer pedestrian access across Ospika Boulevard
  • Improved intersection safety
  • Enhanced access for new developments of Exhibition Park

"The City of Prince George wishes to thank residents for their patience during this operation, and for driving cautiously around road and construction crews," the city adds in a statement. 

The new signals will operate similar to the lights installed in 2017 at the intersection of Ospika and Ferry Avenue. 

Another benefit from the signals is vehicle detection technology and pedestrian-activated crosswalks, according to the city.

Left-turn lanes have been added to 22nd Avenue in both directions. They were already present at the intersection on Ospika. Nearby streetlights have also been updated.