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Motorcyclist injured from Prince George collision, ticketed for ‘driving without due care’

Provincial violation for man after witnesses called police
Motorcyclist. (via File photo)

Despite being sent to hospital for what were deemed as serious injuries, a motorcyclist has been slapped with a provincial fine for poor driving.

Prince George RCMP say a man has been handed a $368 ticket for ‘driving without due care and attention’ after witnesses called the detachment about his road behaviour prior to being involved in a collision along Peden Hill Wednesday morning (Sept. 2).

Around 9:30 a.m., police responded to reports of an incident between a motorcycle and a vehicle eastbound on Highway 16 before Vance Road, causing congestion in traffic.

The 36-year-old motorcyclist was transported to hospital to be treated for serious injuries.

It was determined he crashed into the back of a pick-up truck as it stopped for a red light when the collision took place.

RCMP say they received several calls afterwards regarding the behaviour of the motorcyclist prior to the collision, eventually leading to his fine.

Officers are also thanking the public for stopping to assist with medical care before first responders arrived on scene.