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Meet the SD57 trustee by-election candidates: Josh Silva

‘I'm more worried about humanity than myself!’
Josh Silva candidate smaller
Josh Silva is seeking a seat on the board of education during the June 17 by-election.

Josh Silva is running for a second time as a trustee on School District No. 57’s (SD57) board. Silva ran for a trustee position in the Oct. 15 2022 municipal election but was not elected.

When asked why he wants to run again as a trustee, Silva responded in a written statement that he stands with the elected trustees because he doesn’t pick teams.

“Many run for a team and act on behalf of that team. It shows in their rhetoric. The only team to me, is us the people. I will stand with anyone and everyone that has a moral compass. Actions speak loudest! I'll be a voice of reason for all involved. I'll be a strong voice that has the board’s back and will help reassure them and be confident in their decisions, as long as I feel the majority of the feedback from the people aligns with that decision,” he wrote.

He continued stating that he thinks, “It doesn't matter what anyone else (that think they're above us) try to dictate to us. The board of elected officials will assume the power in big decisions. If I get in, and no one else, as they are the ones that are representing the people, and the people is who matters! We decide based on the voters we represent!”

“I will do whatever it takes to remove the bs politics from our education system and allow the children and teachers to focus on education with health and wellness at the forefront. And the health and wellness of this great land we've been blessed with, right there too. Through communication with those within and as many others invested in society and my heart, my path... our path will be presented. I'll not be guilted or shamed into making any decision or taking any sides if I don't feel it's what the people want!” Silva wrote.

“I've never had a position in this corrupted system. When push comes to shove many of our politicians play the game to protect themselves or even further themselves without even considering of the consequences it has on the whole. This is not a game to me! I'm more worried about humanity than myself! There will be no deals with me! I don't pay to play, or let anyone pay to play with me.”

On Saturday June 17, voters will have to elect two candidates to fill the vacant seats on SD57’s board of education left by the resignations of Prince George trustees Betty Bekkering and Gillian Burnett.