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Meet the SD57 trustee candidates: David Low

‘I will represent the community and its education with the upmost degree of integrity’
David Low is running as a trustee candidate in the June 17 SD57 by-election.

David Low has lived in Prince George since 1992 and has four adult children.

He has a master's degree in counselling and has taught both in the public system and in the private system. He presently owns a credit counselling agency with his wife.

Low said he is running as a trustee because his friends and wife were encouraging him to do so.

“The bickering and partisan positions that people take on issues is divisive. Our city is too precious to have such disagreements separate us,” said Low.

“The Fraser Institute School Ranking stated that we have the poorest school academically in the whole province located in our district. Instead of discounting the survey, or justifying the low grade, we need compassionate collaboration with the stakeholders, to assist in the process of improving the standard.”

Low said his education and experience will assist him in becoming an effective trustee.

“I am a team player. I am not an approval seeker. Therefore, I am quite able to express my opinion. I am an empathetic listener. I have had much opportunity to see factious groups come together to accomplish a mutual goal.”

In terms of SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity), Low said he’d like to ask, “How can I bring peace into the board SD57, or handle conflict? How can we administer SOGI so that parents and students are not being offended and teachers feel safe? No bullying, intimidation or discrimination.”

Low said he hopes to bring stability and respect to all.

“I will represent the community and its education with the upmost degree of integrity. I will value all teachers, students and parent’s right to be heard on issues that concerns them. Inclusiveness is hard to achieve, but it is possible.”

On Saturday June 17, voters will have to elect two candidates to fill the vacant seats on SD57’s board of education left by the resignations of Prince George trustees Betty Bekkering and Gillian Burnett.