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Madison Scott reward gets boost

The reward for key information in the Madison Scott disappearance has increased. The reward was bumped up significantly on Thursday to $25,000 from its original posting of $15,000.

The reward for key information in the Madison Scott disappearance has increased. The reward was bumped up significantly on Thursday to $25,000 from its original posting of $15,000.

The money was raised by the Scott family and their supporters, especially in and around their community of Vanderhoof.

"The search for Madison Scott has been both hopeful and emotionally disappointing," said Vanderhoof mayor Gerry Thiessen. "Everywhere in town, on cars or business windows, there are posters looking for Madison. I get calls from residents on summer vacation hoping that there is something new to report, something that will help us find her. Now it's time for both Madison and the Scott family, that those with information come forward and talk to the RCMP."

The search for Scott, 20, was launched after she was noticed missing after a weekend party at the Hogsback Lake recreation site near Vanderhoof. She was last seen on May 28 during that get-together. Three months have now gone by.

Land, air and water searches of the area have been conducted numerous times, with as many as 150 people at once. Her tent and truck were easily located in their expected place at the campsite, but personal items like her keys and iPhone have not been located in her absence.

Investigators continue to follow up on more than 780 tasks generated by this file so far, including various interviews.

"While investigators appreciate the level of community interest in Madison's disappearance, they still believe that there is information out there or those that have not come forward yet," said RCMP spokesman Sgt. Rob Vermeulen on Thursday. "What can often happen in an investigation like this is that people think their information is not that important or that someone else has likely told police already, but we often find that is not the case. It's very likely that not everyone at Hogsback Lake that weekend Madison disappeared has come forward yet, or has provided us with all the information we need."

To talk to investigators about Scott or that weekend, call Vanderhoof RCMP at 250-567-2222 or anonymously contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).



It has been three difficult months since our daughter Maddy was last seen out at Hogsback Lake, just south of our hometown of Vanderhoof.

It is hard to express the concern, sadness, and frustration that we have been going through as we wait for answers but our commitment to finding Maddy, and the truth of her disappearance has not wavered.

There is a possibility that Maddy's disappearance may be the result of foul play and, while the RCMP continues to follow up on information and tips - we have chosen to support their efforts by increasing our reward. Therefore, we would like to announce that we have increased our reward up to $25,000 for information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals responsible for her disappearance.

It is our hope and belief that there is information out there that will help us locate our daughter.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our family, friends, community and region who continue to support us and work with us in our search for answers. We have always loved living here and it is often in a time of crisis that you truly see the network of support that exists in an area that we are proud to call home. So thank you again.

These are not easy times. Our daughter remains missing and we need your help. We have learned a lot through this process, but one thing that has become apparent is that information is what drives an investigation. There is no excuse not to call the police with what you know. There is no way to rationalize talking about this case with others and not the police. If you want to know how you can help us, call the Vanderhoof RCMP or Crime Stoppers if you wish to remain anonymous, with any information that you may have because we need to find Maddy.

Thank you.

Dawn and Eldon Scott