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Local father seeking seat on Prince George school board

Josh Silva is tossing his hat in the race to become a School District No. 57 Trustee
Josh Silva candidate smaller
Josh Silva is seeking a seat on the board of education during the Oct. 15 election.

Local father Josh Silva is seeking a seat as a trustee on School District No. 57’s (SD57) board.

Silva said he was inspired to run as a trustee because he thinks the school system is headed in a bad direction.

“I feel the most important issue in SD57 is a division within that is holding us back on putting education as a top priority,” said Silva.

“We owe it to our children to find a way to unite! As sad as it is, racism is still an issue. It needs to end now and I believe that can be achieved by enforcing equality. Standards seem to be on a downward spiral. Teacher and student accountability needs some focus also.”

He said he believes respect is key and teachers, students, and parents need to be respectful.

“If we can help them all gain the respect they deserve, life will get better for all. When I get in I will be consulting as many teachers, parents and students as possible on how they think we can improve on that and work with them on achieving mutual respect.”

Silva said he has the ability to make fair decisions excluding his own personal gains or feeling from the equation and he believes in holding people accountable for their actions.

“I can take the lead or fit in which is critical. I am capable of steady improvement, team play, leading by example, hard work, problem-solving, determination and the ability to give and take opinions,” said Silva.

“I'm the best person for the job because I'm not a politician. I'm fair, honest, I have common sense, I'm positive, driven, and I cherish this great way of life that we're blessed with.”

On Oct. 15 voters will have to elect five trustees to represent Prince George on the board of education.