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Weber seeking re-election as Mackenzie SD57 school board trustee

Weber won the January by-election as the Mackenzie representative on the board
Rachael Weber SD57
Rachael Weber is running for re-election as the trustee representing Mackenzie on the SD57 board of education.

Incumbent Rachael Weber is running to represent the Mackenzie area in the upcoming school district elections.

She has been a trustee since January 2022, when she won the seat for the designated Mackenzie trustee in the School District No. 57 (SD57) by-election.

“As a mother of two with one still in the school district, I have come across a lot of issues, over the years, that I didn't know could be fixed. When I had an issue with a specific item related to the education of my children, I thought the principal was the final resting place of that concern,” said Weber, who added she was speaking as a candidate and not as a representative of the current board.

“Since being elected, as the Trustee for Mackenzie and McLeod Lake,  in the by-election we had in January — I have learned that this is not the case. There is a great group of people behind the scenes, trying to work together to bring positive changes to SD57.”

Weber said she believes she is the right person for the job of a school board trustee because she has a heart for the communities of Mackenzie and McLeod Lake.

“I see what transpires in our schools. I see the exhausted teachers and I hear the students asking why things have been taken away. I see frustrated parents not knowing where to turn and I have been a resident of Mackenzie for over 15 years now,” said Weber.  

“I have raised my children here and they have gone through this education system. The system is only as good as the supports that are in place. I am grateful to have been elected to fill the last term since January but I believe there is still so much more work to be done and from this knowledge, I have attained, I am even more fired up to work for the full 4-year term ahead.”

On Oct. 15 voters will have to elect seven trustees where two designated seats are reserved for representatives from the rural communities of the Robson Valley and McBride.