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Extreme cold warning ended and warmer weather on the way

Long-term forecast calling for - 1 C by Tuesday
cold snap man 2
Portrait of man freezing under snowfall He shows a thermometer to show how it's cold.

The cold snap is finally coming to an end.

Environment Canada called off its latest extreme cold warning midday Wednesday and decidedly warmer but still wintertime weather is in the cards as daytime highs are forecast to rise over the next week and reach as much as -1 C by next Tuesday.

The thermometer hovered around -25 C as of midday Wednesday and Thursday promises to be just as miserable. Taking windchill into account, you can brace for -36 C in the morning and -23 C in the afternoon with a risk of frostbite.

Friday will be only marginally better with a high of -21 C.

And as the high pressure system that has kept the province in a deep freeze gives way, a couple bouts of snowfall are also headed in the city's direction with the first expected to deliver two to four centimetres on Thursday and the second 5-10 cm on Saturday.

But also by Saturday, the temperature is to rise to a balmier -13 C and get warmer from there.

Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Jones said Arctic air is finally giving way to the more normal westerly flow that dominates B.C.'s weather. 

"It's the type of pattern we get more through the winter," Jones said, adding B.C. winters are known for being "bimodal."

"We either have really cold for a period of time or a little warmer than average for a long time. We never really stick near average here."

While the worst of the winter weather is on the way to being over, Jones said another cold snap is possible over the next couple months and even into March.

"That said, cold snaps in February are less intense than in January. It's because the sun already has more power in February, so we probably won't see the type of cold we've had, but winter isn't over yet," Jones said.

With the snowfall, the roads will become trickier, Jones added, and urged drivers to be cautious.