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Days remaining for women in business to share stories through #WEcreateBC campaign

The #WeCreateBC campaign celebrates women in business. (via Getty Images)

There are only six days left to join a B.C. wide initiative that celebrates women entrepreneurs and the communities that support them.

#WEcreateBC is an initiative of Women’s Enterprise Centre (WEC) and Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE).

The social media campaign aims to educate people about the contributions of women entrepreneurs and all they create in British Columbia.  It has a major focus on businesses, jobs, connections, communities, social impact, sustainability and more. 

"With so many stories of small businesses struggling these days, our vision is to fill social media feeds with images and stories of positivity, community, resilience and impact," explains Chaunda Honkonen,
senior marketing and communications officer at Women's Enterprise Centre.

"We want to shine a spotlight on the support ecosystem that lifts up women entrepreneurs, so current and aspiring women business owners can connect with them. We had over 40 community partners showing their support," she continues. 

"We are delighted with how many women have been a part of this campaign and it has exceeded our expectations. We asked women to submit their videos to us to get the real feel of day-to-day women’s entrepreneurship and showcase their businesses," adds Honkonen. View the videos here.

WEC released statistics that show British Columbia stands to gain $21.2 billion in incremental GDP by 2026 by closing the gender gap, and increasing the rate of women’s entrepreneurship is a key component of improving women’s economic contributions.

People are invited to shout out their favourite woman-owned business or share their own story on all social platforms, while using the hashtag #WEcreateBC.