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Court endorses civil forfeiture of car seized in Williams Lake

Proceeds from sale of car owned by Jasbir Singh Pawar have been forfeited to the Crown.
Proceeds from sale of car owned by a Williams Lake man have been forfeited to the Crown.

Nearly $5,000 from the sale of a car deemed to have been an instrument of unlawful activity has been forfeited to the Crown.

In a notice of claim filed in August 2021 by B.C.'s civil forfeiture director alleged the car, 2015 Volkswagen Golf, was being used by Jasbir Singh Pawar to drive to various locations around Williams Lake to "conduct meets from inside the VW, in a manner consistent with drug trafficking."

On May 13, 2021, RCMP pulled over the vehicle and inside, police found 55.7 grams of cocaine and a cellphone. A search warrant was executed on Pawar's home the next day and, according to the notice, 617.5 grams of cocaine, 204.6 grams of psilocybin, 83.6 grams of methamphetamine, 45.3 grams of heroin, 21.4 grams of MDMA, 4,017 oxycodone pills 2.5 millitres of steroids, 10.66 pounds of dried cannabis, 73 doses of cannabis concentrate, score sheets, a digital scale, drug packaging materials and three cellphones were uncovered.

One other person was arrested in connection with the investigation and their vehicle was also seized, but as of August 2022, the director's action against that person was discontinued after a response was filed in which it was claimed that the substance seized from the vehicle was protein powder and not cocaine as originally alleged.

Pawar also initially denied the allegations but, in January the car was handed over to the civil forfeiture office for liquidation, and according to a requisition filed in late May, $4,738.62 in net proceeds was gleaned from the sale were

Approval of criminal charges on the matter remain pending.