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China gives green light for B.C.'s Loop Energy tech

Loop Energy CEO Ben Nyland. (via Glacier Media)

Companies that use fuel cell technology made by B.C.’s Loop Energy have received regulatory approval to sell the components for use in fuel cell buses in China.

Loop makes range extenders for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which are used by Skywell New Energy Vehicles Group and InPower Renewable Energy.

The companies have received approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information and Technology for zero-emission public buses.

Skywell buses, manufactured in China by the Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., use a heavy-duty 50-kilowatt fuel cell engine that has a range of 450 kilometres.

“As China seeks to expand its new national hydrogen program, it is an honor for our joint venture partner to be the fuel cell supplier of choice to Skywell and we look forward to continued joint successes in the future,” said Loop CEO Ben Nyland.

In April, Loop Energy received a contract worth US$15 million for its range extender from a major bus manufacturer in China, which is currently the biggest market for hydrogen fuel cell busses.