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B.C. woman watched as big bobcat grabbed her dog and ran off

Bobcat. (via File photo)

All Aurlie Young could do was watch in horror as a bobcat grabbed her beloved dog and fled into the hills.

The incident happened on 7800-block Lakeview Drive in Coldstream Tuesday evening (Dec. 15), and it was over in an instant.

Young said Pika, her 13-year-old white Shitzou, was sniffing a post near the entrance of a trail that leads to Kalamalka Lake Lookout, when she saw a flash of a cat grab her pet.

“I was watching from the house as this big cat just lifted the dog up and disappeared right before my eyes without any sounds. I chased it up the hill, but saw nothing. We walked to the top of the trail with a bright light, saw nothing,” said Young.

She and her husband then drove to the lookout to look for Pika, but there was no sign of the small dog.

Young put a handmade sign at the trail entrance to warn others.

“Lots of people walk their dogs up there. They need to be careful,” she said. “It was a terrible thing to see.”

Bobcats and cougars are native the Okanagan, and there have been numerous bobcat sightings throughout the Valley in recent years.