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BC Hydro upgrading nearly 2,700 streetlights in Prince George

Energy-efficient LEDs to improve nighttime visibility, BC Hydro says
A BC Hydro streetlight is seen on Kingston Street in Prince George.

BC Hydro will begin upgrading roughly 2,675 streetlights in Prince George to energy-efficient LED bulbs on July 18, according to information released by the City of Prince George.

BC Hydro operates street lights on wooden power poles throughout the city. The city has already upgraded more than 4,700 of the streetlights it operates, which are located on metal poles.

“These new street lights will help improve public safety in your community by increasing the visibility of sidewalks and roads at night, as well as help reduce light pollution,” a statement released by BC Hydro says. “LEDs also last longer and require less maintenance.”

The federal government has set new regulations, requiring all street light ballasts containing poly-chlorinated biphenyles (PCBs) to be removed by the end of 2025. BC Hydro operates more than 90,000 street lights throughout B.C. and will be upgrading them to LED bulbs over the next few years.

LED bulbs produce a whiter light than the old high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs, BC Hydro’s statement said.