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BC Hydro plans to cut power to west side of Prince George for pole replacement

Planned outage will affect 9,743 customers from 8 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. Sunday
A BC Hydro worker removes one of dozens of trees that fell on electrical lines throughout the city as a result of a windstorm on Jan. 30. This Saturday, about 9,700 hydro customers on the west side of the city will lose their power overnight Saturday while BC Hydro conducts repairs to replace power poles along the Beavery, Chief Lake and Ospika lines that feed from the Chief Lake Substation.

If you live on the west side of Prince George in the Chief Lake, Beaverly and Foothills areas, be prepared to be without electricity Saturday night.

Now’s the time to find some candles or battery-operated lights and flashlights as a temporary replacement when the power goes out.

BC Hydro needs to replace power poles and to make those repairs the utility company will be forced to cut off power for 9,743 customers from 8 p.m. Saturday to 6 a.m. on Sunday.

The planned outage will cut power to the three mainlines that feed from the Chief Lake Substation.

Most of the affected customers are in the Hart neighbourhood on the north side of the city, but some residents in the Foothills and Beaverly districts will also be in the dark on Saturday.

“We’re going to use it as an opportunity to do a bunch of work, and we’re doing it overnight to minimize customer impact, “ said BC Hydro spokesperson Mike Kellett.

“Everyone impacted, all the customers affected were sent a letter a couple weeks ago and also were called by BC Hydro’s autodialer and they received an email as well.”

For more details on the planned outage, go to the BC Hydro website.