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Amid a toilet paper shortage, one B.C. community finds a hero

Free toilet paper - COVID19
Free toilet paper amid a buying frenzy spotted in the community of Trout Creek near Summerland, B.C. (via Contributed)

With toilet paper flying off shelves all around B.C. and prices climbing both online and in stores, the Okanagan community of Trout Creek near Summerland found a hero they didn't know they needed. 

A Good Samaritan left a bin full of the white gold out near the street in the community this week, covered in a plastic sheath to protect from the elements, with a sign saying "Please help yourself." 

The anonymous do-gooder explained, "We have enough (I buy in bulk to save $ before all of this)," referring to the COVID-19 crisis that spurred a frenzy of toilet paper purchasing. 

A Castanet reader sent in the photo after spotting the bin Wednesday (March 11). 

The note asks only one or two rolls be taken per person, and concludes: "Blessings!"