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Long list for city council candidates

Voters have two to choose from in Prince George's mayoral race - and 26 for the rest of city council.

Voters have two to choose from in Prince George's mayoral race - and 26 for the rest of city council.

Don Zurowski and Lyn Hall remained the only two in the running for the top spot at city hall by the time the deadline for nominations passed on Friday afternoon.

In contrast, it's a long list for vying for eight council seats: Jeffery Cunin, Trent Derrick, Frank Everitt, Garth Frizzell, Ron Gallo, Alex Huber, Gregg Kauk, Albert Koehler, Murry Krause, Coralee Larsen, Jason Luke, Terri McConnachie, Jillian Merrick, Bryan Mix, Debora Munoz, Monica Peacock, Donald Roberts, Ravi Saxena, Susan Scott, Travis Shaw (Foxy De-Rossi), Brian Skakun, Roy Spooner, Cameron Stolz, Dawn Taylor, Harris Ulch and Dave Wilbur.

There will also be a race for school board as more candidates are in the running than the seven positions available: Dori Alger, Betty Bekkering, Trish Bella, Tim Bennett, Andrew Burton, Tony Cable, Kate Cooke, Valentine Crawford, Eric Depenau, Dennis Fudge, Bob Harris, Sheldon Harris, Brenda Hooker, Denise MacDonald, Don Sabo, Chris Stern, Sharel Warrington and Bruce Wiebe.

There won't be any elections for six of the eight Fraser-Fort George Regional District electoral areas. In by acclamation are: Warren Wilson (Salmon River-Lakes); Lara Beckett (Chilako River-Nechako); Bill Empey (Tabor Lake-Stone Creek); Art Kaehn (Woodpecker-Hixon) and Terry Burgess (Crooked River-Parsnip).

Two are running in Willow River-Upper Fraser Valley with Faellen Bradner taking on incumbent Kevin Dunphy.

And three are candidates in Robson Valley-Canoe - Dannielle Alan, Bryan Monroe and incumbent Ken Starchuck.

Running for one of four spots on the Bear Lake Community Commission are Herbert Franklin, Valerie Franklin, Pat McGee, Wayne Rose, Ton Van Der Ploeg, Bruce Waldner and Sharon Waldner.