Where wine, art and music meet

The Vibrant Vine Tasting Room in South East Kelowna does things a little differently... Upon arrival you will be handed a pair of 3D glasses to begin your 3D experience, and the fun doesn’t stop there! “All the artwork in our tasting room – on the walls, the bottles and clothing – is 3D,” explains Jess Pattinson, Assistant Manager of the Vibrant Vine Wine Shop. “Our bottles are shrink wrapped with designs created by Phil Lewis- our proprietors’ eldest son, so each one stands out on the shelf. “Our focus is on individuality – on helping people find the wine that they like, the music that they love, and even the art that speaks to them, without all taking the conventional route” says Pattinson. Phil is working on a number of interactive art pieces that they will be bringing to the Okanagan as we speak, so be sure to look out for their arrival.

The Vibrant Vine are known for a little more than just their art pieces- their award-winning wine - WOOPS? catapulted them to new heights. The labelling malfunction behind the name WOOPS? led to the name change from Summer’s Blend and goes to show what a great sense of humour proprietors, Wyn and Marion Lewis, have. “We still label this wine upside down to this day!”

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The Story gets even better, when in 2013, they entered into a label competition and the wine accidentally found its way into the tasting competition. “The 2012 WOOPS? won the Best White Wine award in the world that year, and has been a winner in our eyes ever since.” Going against 10,000 wines in the World Beverage Competition in Geneva, Switzerland the wine was simply one of the many happy accidents that have occurred since beginning their journey into the world of Okanagan wine making.

The Vibrant Vine has a varied selection of wines that includes crisp and dry traditional method sparkling wines; Dragon, a big, bold red; and Phantom, a sipping red that’s designed to be enjoyed at their annual courtyard performance, Phantom of the Villa. This takes place in August, but it’s not their only fun event. There’s live music every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, showcasing the talents of local musicians, all to be enjoyed with some treats from the Snack Shack. As well as charcuterie, sandwiches and other delicious treats, like a Woopsicle. That’s right - popsicles made from their Woops Wine.  “We have lawn games like Giant Jenga, and there are always people around. It’s a really fun place to come hang out on a sunny afternoon or evening,” Pattinson says.

The Vibrant Vine is located at 3240 Pooley Road, Kelowna. To find out more, visit thevibrantvine.com, their Facebook page or call 778-478-4153.

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