This Prince George clothing store has a lot of ‘Hart’ for its community

A Prince George store aims to make all customers feel simply beautiful in their clothing—no matter their shape, size or budget.

The idea behind Simply Beautiful is to offer quality, unique clothing for all body types while mainly staying under a $100 price range.

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While Simply Beautiful now has two locations—at the Hart Shopping Centre and another in downtown Prince George—it all began with Perrault selling her handcrafted jewelry at markets and consigning at other Prince George stores.

Now, with the help from staff and other Hart Mall merchants, Perrault runs the Hart Community Night Market once a month throughout the summer, hosting up to 85 other vendors and helping other local businesses get off the ground.

It has also became a great way to connect with the local community who otherwise wouldn’t discover Simply Beautiful in the Hart, and for Perrault and other Hart Mall merchants to find local artisans and designers to sell through consignment in their brick and mortar locations.

“We still have almost every day someone coming into our store saying, ‘I had no idea you were here or that this little section of the mall was open,’” says Perrault.

“That’s one of the big things about the market, you’re giving small local artists and businesses an avenue to sell and get known in the city,” says Perrault.

Another ‘big thing’ is that Perrault is funnelling her energy back into the Hart itself.

"The Hart community is so proud of the market,” says Perrault. “We have music, food trucks, and with the money that we earn, we put it back into the mall to beautify it and fund other mall community events.” 

To find out more about Simply Beautiful, visit their two store locations at 3813 West Austin Rd and 421 Dominion Street, or check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

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