Staying confident on today’s tough roadways

Anybody in northern British Columbia knows, having a reliable vehicle is paramount to braving the harsh conditions found on Canadian roadways.

The drive to the hockey rink, or the supermarket, to school or to work can be treacherous and unforgiving. Setting out on your journey without having one hundred percent certainty in your automobile is dangerous.

B&F Auto Service Ltd. has been serving the Prince George community for nearly three decades, ensuring all their clients feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel.

“We are a small family owned business and have been in Prince George for over 38 years, with the third generation now working here. The business was started by my father in 1979, and now my son in law is an apprentice here,” said Andy McLennan, owner of B&F Auto Service Ltd.

Thirty years ago, auto mechanic and businessman Robert McLennan opened B&F Auto Service with his son Andy in a small shop on Hart highway. Since then, the shop has expanded to the current facility on Lyon street and added a family of auto technicians committed to providing the best possible service to ensure you and your family feel safe and secure when navigating through life’s tough trips.

“I have been with the business for 38 years, and some of our other employees have been with us for over 20 years,” said McLennan.

“The most important part of my job is to ensure that the client gets a safe and reliable vehicle repair within their budget.”

The company covers all your repair and inspection needs. From braking, electronics and tune-ups to computer diagnostics, steering and suspension, B&F Auto Service will keep you safe, secure and confident.

If you are in need of auto repairs or inspection, visit B&F Auto Service at 1702 South Lyon street. If you would like more information, please call 250-562-0766 or visit their website

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