Prince George health food store walks beside you on your health journey

On our journey towards better health, it’s helpful to have a few signposts along the way. In northern British Columbia, many people turn to Ave Maria Specialties for guidance.

“Whenever someone comes into either of our locations in Prince George, we like to spend some time with them so we’ll understand their needs and be there for them,” says general manager Dawn Matte. “We meet people where they’re at so we can walk beside them on their health journey.

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“We strive to create a place where people can gather, feel comfortable and know they will be treated well.”

Some customers have recently joined the quest for natural health options, including supplements, environmentally friendly home and beauty products and organic foods that truly nurture the body. The staff of chartered herbalists will gently guide customers towards products that can best serve their individual needs. Ave Maria Specialties offers many leading health and wellness products, including Health First and Natural Factors, two brands that have inspired the staff’s confidence and loyalty.

The team also welcomes the vast knowledge that has been accumulated by the customers who have helped Ave Maria Specialties become the largest natural health store in northern British Columbia.

This year, the main store is adding a refill bar where people can bring in their empty shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap containers rather than throw out the bottles.

In fact, the business takes a holistic approach to every component of its approach to mindful living. “If we are good to the environment, good to staff, good to customers, it’s better for everyone.”

The company has grown substantially over the past three decades. There are now two locations. The main store is at 1638 20th Avenue in Prince George. There’s also a “little sister” store, Mother Maria’s Market, in the Bon Voyage Plaza at 4488 Highway 16 West.

Both stores also have a small scale but full-service grocery component where people can buy meats, poultry, produce and other organic, ethically sourced products including herbal teas. Special care is taken to provide for people with special dietary needs such as gluten-free, keto and low-carb.

For those who want to learn more, the store has a small book section. It also has an area dedicated to the local Christian community.

Many of the products can be ordered online at Improvements to the website are underway to ensure that people who can’t make the journey to Prince George can still have their needs met, wherever they are.

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