Prince George electrical motor company has been a community legacy since 1942

Bater Electric has been a Northern BC staple for over seven decades.

“We sell, troubleshoot, and repair almost any electric motor,” says new owner Robert Shaw. “We have the niche of being the only motor shop in town that deals with little bathroom fans, all the way up to heavy-duty motors in sawmills, pulp mills, and mines, that are over 1,000 horsepower.”

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This special niche has kept the company in business since its inception in 1942.

The previous owner, electrical contractor Myron Sambad, owned the business since 1983, and retired to the Okanagan this year.

Part of the reason Shaw was excited to purchase Bater Electric was because it came with a team of dedicated staff, who continue to work hard for their clients.

"We're a closely-knit team dedicated to seamless operation," Shaw says. “We satisfy our customers—big jobs or small, we provide 24/7 customer service and have stock on hand to handle most issues ensuring to reduce downtime.

“A single motor can cause a home to lose their heat and it can also take a whole sawmill down. We will be there as soon as we get the call.”

Wes Zapotichny has been the company's general manager for 12 years. He does everything from managing the business, working the front counter, answering sales calls and everything else in between. 

Geoff Middlehurst is the company's charge hand and began working in the industry nearly 50 years ago. He runs the service department, troubleshoots, repairs and orders parts. He also mentors our apprentice Dryden Barkowsky.

Steven Kottman is the inside sales representative and has been with Bater Electric for 27 years.

“Without question, he is a wizard with electric motors, and what parts can replace even the most obsolete and old motor to make it run again,” Shaw says.

And last, but not least, is office administrator Tiffany Western who handles all the paperwork, reporting, and keeps the staff and office organized.

Shaw and his team are excited for the next phase of Bater Electric, he hopes Bater will serve the community another 70 years.

If you need a motor repaired or just want to talk shop with Robert and his team, head to Bater Electric at 3674 18th Avenue, visit or call 250-563-8181.

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