Make a delicious decision with Prince George Dining Stars

Food can bring people together, but making a decision on exactly where, or what, to eat can sometimes be a contentious issue.

It’s happened to everyone – food decision paralysis. It’s difficult to choose one option when you can’t even call to mind any of your current favourites. Worse yet is when you’re trying to find the perfect place to take a client, treat the family or spoil a special someone. Occasionally a restaurant comes to mind immediately, but usually there are just too many choices in front of you. Or if you’re scrambling to find someplace as a group, the struggle can be multiplied: not only do you need to find a restaurant, but somewhere everyone will like.

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The pain of trying to decide can take a lot of joy out of what should be an enjoyable and delicious experience.

That’s where the Prince George Citizen is stepping up. We’ve curated a list of the best epicurean experiences in the area. Here, you’ll find a selection for every palate imaginable – from casual pub food to upscale dining. Whether you’re trying to impress a date or enjoy a get-together with friends, start your search with the Prince George Dining Stars.

Looking for lunch featuring local fare, or perhaps a fine dining experience? Do you want a family-friendly restaurant or the ultimate date night dine-out option? Explore all of these extensive, mouth-watering menus around Prince George without getting overwhelmed by all of the choices.

Discover one of the delectable restaurants on the list and enjoy your meal, without the hassle.

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