Living heritage site offers immersive journey into Prince George’s past

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have changed our lives, but there is still something to look forward to—reuniting with friends and family, enjoying the outdoors, and just doing the things we once were used to.

One of the activies that locals would love is exploring Huble Homestead, a heritage site that let’s you step into Prince George past and learn its history.  

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Located alongside the Fraser River 40 kilometres north of Prince George, the local attraction is a historic site come to life.

“Huble Homestead is a representation of the homestead in 1915,” says Nicole Krizmanich, program manager at Huble Homestead. “At that point in time, paddle wheeling was one of the main forms of transportation, especially along the Fraser River. When the homestead was built,it was a bustling location that serviced people in the area.” 

“It’s an affordable, family friendly outing,” Krizmanich says.

Huble Homestead usually opens on the May long weekend, but this year, it will be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing measures. But once things get back to normal, the site looks forward to welcoming visitors and offering self-guided activities for guests.

A visit to Huble Homestead will be a great opportunity to connect with the past, get into the fresh air and disconnect from our sometimes hectic modern lives.

At the site, you will be greeted by staff wearing period costumes. Also, there will be the option of taking a guided tour, or guests will be able to wander through the site, visiting the restored historical buildings including the general store, which sells old-fashioned candy, or picnic on the riverbank.

“It’s a great place to take a little trip back to the past for a few hours,” Krizmanich says. “There really is something for everybody here.”

“We give people an idea of the past. History is important, especially for children to learn how families lived back then,” Krizmanich says. “It’s interesting, educational and a good way to unplug.”

Before heading out, check their website or social media channels to confirm that the historic site is open. While staying at home, you can also explore Huble Homestead online at

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