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Get answers to your life’s big questions with this Prince George retreat

Making lifestyle changes at Zandra Ross Lifestyle Fitness Studio
Changing lifestyle with Zandra Ross

Making lifestyle changes can be overwhelming, but the guidance of someone who’s been there before makes all the difference in lasting success. Nobody knows that better than the woman behind Zandra Ross Lifestyle Fitness Studio.

When Zandra Ross woke up blind in her right eye on Christmas Day, 2012, the successful consultant immediately panicked about doing her job half-blind, instead of leaping into self-care mode. Suddenly she knew something had to give.

Over the next year, she dove head-long a “self-care journey” and changed her life.

Today, Zandra still runs a successful consulting firm, but she’s a certified fitness professional too. She’s passionate about her lifestyle-enhancing work at Zandra Ross Lifestyle Fitness Studio in Prince George, which she jokes is the “Cheers” of studios – where everyone knows your name.

Zandra is thrilled every time another client ratchets from a rough idle to firing on all cylinders. Her love of her fitness centre has inspired her to tackle the next level of wellness through her Personal Strategic Planning Retreat for women this September at Ness Lake Bible Camp. While the retreat is nonreligious, Zandra picked the camp for its stellar lake views and amenities offered.

When asked what’s behind the weekend, Zandra says, “It’s simple – work on your head and your body will follow.” She believes it takes a healthy mind to live a healthy life, and it all starts with understanding what we really want. But with life so busy these days, she believes in simpler, more direct paths to contentment. “I’m 46,” she laughs. “You’re 46. We don’t have another 50 years to figure this all out.”

That’s why her weekend retreat is geared toward asking questions and finding answers. She wants to help women before they have her style of Christmas epiphany. The weekend, she says, is perfect for anyone wondering “is this all there is?”  Because of course there’s more, but what does “more” mean for each person? What will make life fuller, more satisfying? What’s missing?

With a packed weekend of personal examinations and shared epiphanies, attendees can find their answers among like-minded women on the same journey to wellness.

Zandra hopes the weekend will be the first of many experiences.

For those heading in a new direction, consider the Women’s Personal Strategic Planning Retreat from September 13th to 15th. Register online at