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Expertise and service draw customers to fire safety service

Local fire services company was started last February after seeing a definite gap in the Prince George area
Local Prince George fire services company

When Nathan Chesworth was doing some research into possible names for his new, Prince George-based fire services company, he knew the right one almost immediately.

“I was looking things up and came across an insect that is both a firefly and a moth - so a moth to a flame,” says the owner and manager of Pyralis Fire Systems Ltd.

“Pyralis - it was a little odd, but sticks with people once they know how to say it properly and understand the meaning.”

Chesworth says he decided to start the company last February after seeing a definite gap in the Prince George area.

And the reception from clients has been good.

“It’s been great,” says Chesworth, adding he and Tony Parent, the company’s lead suppression technician, have backgrounds as tradesmen which provide an additional layer of professionalism and expertise customers appreciate.

Parent is a former heavy duty mechanic who handles the fire suppression work on those machines. And Chesworth is originally an electrician and focuses on the fire alarm side of things.

“We’re basically serving commercial clients on up - anyone who has a business that has fire extinguishers or fire alarms, as well as the logging companies for mobile fire suppression, and the local mining sector,” Chesworth says.

For in-town clients, Pyralis provides peace of mind helping clients stay up to date with their fire suppression equipment.

“The local fire department tells businesses what needs to be done to be compliant. And we come in and fix everything that is required,” Chesworth says. “We have the knowledge and professionalism to do the inspection and service on emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and fire alarms.

“We keep everyone compliant, so when our client gets a re-inspect from the fire department, and they will, they’ll be good.”

Pyralis also extends their expertise in remote areas.

“We help protect peoples’ multi-million dollar pieces of equipment in the forestry and mining industries,” Chesworth says.

“We put the operators and their insurance companies at ease,” he adds. “You don’t want a valuable piece of equipment getting damaged or burning to the ground. Plus, there’s the threat it has on the surrounding environment, especially with the forestry equipment we work on.

“If one of those machines light on fire in the bush, we want to not only save the operator’s life, but preserve the forest, too.”

For more information about Pyralis Fire Systems Ltd., visit or call 250-596-2127.