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Complimentary classes help make sense of your personal finances

Independent brokers are providing free, financial education classes in and around the Prince George area
Independent brokers are providing free, financial education classes in Prince George

A local trio is using the power of education to help people make dollars and sense when it comes to managing their personal finances.

Aleasha Wickes, Debbie Schultz and Theresa Johnston - who are independent brokers - are providing free, financial education classes in and around the Prince George area.

“We teach our clients how money works and make it work for them. Basically, that means educating them on how investments work in Canada, help them get out of debt, save more money and get in better financial shape,” says Wickes.

Most financial institutions, she adds, are focused on drawing in more customers by offering new loans with attractive perks, rather than attempting to save clients’ money.

“That’s where a lot of people fall into the trap of accumulating additional debt they cannot afford,” Wickes says.

By having access to a wide variety of financial products they can potentially save families significant amounts each month.

“If the traditional financial industry was doing its job, everyone in Canada would be in better financial shape,” she says. “That’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to change the face of financial services, because there are too many people being left behind.”

Having access to over 80 product providers to shop from gives strength to assist and make positive change for families and individuals.

“It gives our clients more options, rather than what we’re limited to in Prince George,” Wickes says.

“We feel everyone is different and they need a personally tailored plan. That’s why we shop around and find a product to help them reach their specific goal.”

But there’s more.

Clients can also become an independent business owner themselves by starting a career with their firm and providing the same products they are benefitting from to help others reach their goals, as well.

“We’re there to help people step into the finance industry,” Wickes says. “We don’t have any barriers because we have a training program that will teach them everything they will need to know.”

To learn more about the free educational sessions, visit these local representatives on their Facebook pages where postings provide information on upcoming classes. For one-on-one help, contact Debbie Schultz, Theresa Johnston and Aleasha Wickes.

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