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TELUS STORYHIVE launches new Video Podcast program for emerging B.C. and Alberta podcasters

Prince George content creator Daniel Soares shares how STORYHIVE production funding helps support local storytelling projects

TELUS STORYHIVE has announced the launch of its new Video Podcast program to support podcasters in British Columbia and Alberta. 

The initiative, which provides $12,000 in production funding and online training, is designed to nurture and amplify the voices of new and emerging podcasters in these provinces.

Prince George’s own Daniel Soares shares his experience developing his own podcast through a past STORYHIVE program. 

His project, Phantom Rivers, a video podcast that delves into the paranormal stories of Northern B.C., exemplifies the type of creative storytelling STORYHIVE aims to foster. 

Art, inspiration and influence

"The funding from STORYHIVE was a game-changer for Phantom Rivers, allowing us to explore and narrate our region's untold paranormal stories," Soares says.

STORYHIVE works to enrich the local content ecosystem by fostering a community of new and emerging content creators who work to support local creators.    

Successful applicants receive not only production funding but also access to training and distribution channels, including one million new viewers through TELUS Optik TV and STORYHIVE’s YouTube channel. This comprehensive support system is designed to bolster content creators' skills, helping them craft compelling stories and reach a wider audience.

A key component of the program is its emphasis on diversity and original storytelling. STORYHIVE encourages content creators from all walks of life, especially those in smaller or underrepresented regions, to share their unique perspectives and stories. 

Phantom Rivers serves as a prime example of this, shedding light on local narratives that might otherwise remain hidden, including ghost hunting at Sisters Rock'n Gems Gallery and visiting Canada's most haunted doll at the Quesnel Museum.

Fostering a new generation of content creators 

Photo via: Meagan Howard-Gibbon, producer of ‘Phantom Rivers.’

Since its inception in 2013, STORYHIVE has been at the forefront of supporting local talent, providing over $59 million in production funding. This latest initiative continues that legacy, enabling content creators to produce and distribute impactful and engaging projects. It aims to create a vibrant and dynamic community of storytellers who can bring fresh perspectives of local stories to a broader audience.

Soares's journey with the program highlights its transformative impact. 

"Working with STORYHIVE has been an incredible learning experience," he says. "It has not only enhanced skills in storytelling but also allowed me to connect with a network of talented creators." 

His successful production of Phantom Rivers is a testament to the program's efficacy in elevating local content and providing content creators with a platform to showcase their work.

“We are very excited to introduce the new TELUS STORYHIVE Video Podcast program,” says Erin Shaw, STORYHIVE Northern B.C. territory manager. 

“At STORYHIVE, we are continuing to expand our program offerings to support all kinds of content creators to tell their local stories. We encourage aspiring podcasters in Alberta and B.C., including those in Prince George, to apply to this new program. Whether you’re in a small community or a big city, we want to hear from you!”

Content creators and podcasters from B.C. and Alberta interested in exploring the realms of video podcasting are encouraged to apply by January 31, 2024. The program seeks to discover and nurture original voices and stories, offering a unique opportunity for storytellers to gain exposure and develop their craft. 

STORYHIVE wants content creators from all walks of life to apply. You don’t need to be from a big city to be a content creator. And the best part? No experience is required!

This initiative represents a significant opportunity for storytellers to share their unique narratives and connect with a vast audience, thus playing a crucial role in enriching the regional content landscape.

For more details on the STORYHIVE Video Podcast program and application process, visit