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Put the ‘win’ in winter with these seasonal thrills in B.C.’s whimsical winter wonderland

Explore the diverse landscapes and extensive activities while getting back to nature with these can’t-miss experiences in Prince George
Skiing at Caledonia Nordic Ski Club on a dog-friendly trail.

While it’s a wonderful year-round destination, there’s no doubt that Prince George truly comes alive and shines in the winter.

To fully experience the beauty and wonder of Prince George, one has to fully immerse themselves in its vastly available outdoor adventures, which can be found within city limits, at the edge of town or driving a few hours away.

Whether you’re a winter wunderkind or seeking to try something new, two particular sports provide easy entry-level access to exploring breathtaking winter wonders, and they can be done right here in Prince George.


Prince George is home to Caledonia Nordic Ski Club, a facility with 55 km of groomed trails, perfect for cross-country skiing (and snowshoeing) by day or night and with, or without, your pup.

This world-class facility hosts multiple championships, but whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, you’re welcome to take in the beauty of the towering trees and sprawling trail network no matter your skill level.

Just a quick 15-minute drive from downtown is local favourite Hart Ski Hill, a 22-acre playground for ski and snowboard trails and an idyllic venue to make long-lasting winter memories.

If you’re looking to indulge your adventurous side, explore more uncharted territory by stepping into some backcountry skiing boots. If you’re unsure where to start, The Take on Prince George podcast has an entire episode surrounding backcountry skiers, featuring Jacob and Lindsay Mullen–a husband and wife adventure duo.

Listen as the pair discloses all their favourite places to get first tracks down in fresh snow and the areas around Prince George to explore with your skis, all while keeping safety top of mind.

Fat Biking

Fat biking in Prince George. Photo via: Tourism Prince George/Darrin Rigo.

Fat biking is a fantastic, low-impact activity to enjoy the winter outdoors—and Prince George offers an amazing trail network to do so.

Forests for the World is a vast place to explore on a fat bike. Located in town, close to the University of Northern British Columbia, you’ll feel like you’re blissfully exploring the endless wonders of the wilderness despite being within city limits.

In addition to the extensive network of groomed trails to ride on, fat biking is an all-around fun sport.

“You can’t ride a fat bike the way you ride a mountain bike—you can’t hit corners as hard,” describes Gino Nava, mountain director of Prince George Cycling club on The Take on Prince George podcast. “You gotta feather your brakes. So there’s a huge fun element to it. “It’s like Mario Kart, that’s the best way to describe it.”

These activities are just the tip of the primordial iceberg. Prince George is B.C.'s hidden gem for those seeking accessible, available and affordable activities to explore nature, try something new and spend quality time with those you care for most. 

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* Seasonal conditions may vary. Please check weather conditions prior to scheduling or planning winter activities.