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Make a resolution to love your ears with the hearing care you need in Prince George

With free testing and a range of financing options, HearingLife's hearing clinics can help you live your best life
Find the hearing solution you need to live your fullest life.

This year, pledge to love your ears to experience a new you with the hearing care you need.

“Loving your ears means being proactive, getting your hearing checked, and if there is a problem identified, treating it at its earliest stages and not waiting until it's a significant problem in your life,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

Fortunately, HearingLife has hearing clinics near you where you can receive a free hearing test from licensed hearing professionals, who can help you find the hearing solution you need to live your fullest life.

“Take action. It’s a new year and you can essentially be a new person if you regain your hearing,” Price says.

“It’s about improving quality of life. When you can hear better and engage more, you can be more involved, it can improve relationships and any struggles you were having that revolved around communication. We can improve all that if you just improve your hearing.”

HearingLife can help someone afford the best and latest technology for hearing solutions, without breaking the bank. The company offers payment plans that allow customers to stretch their payments out for up to five years.

“We understand the cost of hearing aids can be significant and we don’t want it to be a barrier to treating hearing loss. Offering these payment plans allows people to access the hearing technology they need now without having to pay for everything up front,” audiology coordinator Katie Koebel says.

“We want to make sure everyone can access life-changing hearing care.”

While hearing aids are a significant investment, the daily cost of use is close to buying a latte every day – a small price to pay for the difference improved hearing can make in your life.

HearingLife carries the newest generation of hearing technology, which are small and high-functioning. Many of the hearing aids carried by HearingLife include Bluetooth connectivity that syncs with your TV or phone.

They’re also discreet and much smaller than previously.

“The newest Oticon Own hearing aids are practically invisible, they’re so small,” Koebel says.

“They’re a custom hearing aid that fits right into the ear canal. We take an impression of your ear so it’s not going to fit anyone else. A lot of clients like them because they’re very discreet.”

As the world continues to open up and people begin to travel again, one of the advantages that HearingLife can offer its clients is its global reach – clients can receive prompt service on hearing aids even when they’re travelling. Even clients who have lost a hearing aid in a different country were able to be helped immediately by a local HearingLife and they were able to enjoy their trip without interruptions.

“When you’re on vacation, you want to make the most of it. And if you’re not hearing all the sounds, you’re missing out,” Koebel says.

“If you’re having issues, we can help you address them right away so you’re making the most of your travel experience.”

To find a hearing centre near you and book a free hearing test today, visit