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Law Society of BC seeks diverse pool of applicants to help regulate the provincial legal system

The Law Society Tribunal is actively seeking lawyers and community members to join its hearing panels and review boards
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Upholding a high standard of competence for lawyers is a significant responsibility at the core of the Law Society of BC’s mandate, which is to protect the public interest in the administration of justice by setting and enforcing standards of professional conduct for lawyers.

Within this mandate, the Law Society Tribunal, an independent decision-making body, is actively seeking lawyers and individuals from the community to join its hearing panels and review boards. This is a unique opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds to play a pivotal role in upholding the integrity and standards of the legal profession. 

Setting the standard

Hearing panels and review boards are responsible for listening, reviewing, and deliberating over cases of lawyers under allegations of discipline violations and professional misconduct in their legal practice. Keen insight and fair judgement are must-haves for any member of these hearing panels and review boards.

Whether you're a lawyer or a professional in another field, the Law Society Tribunal is looking for diverse perspectives interested in making a difference in the public interest and in the legal profession. 

Considering today while paving the way to a better tomorrow 

 Members of these panels also play a direct role in creating a better future for the legal profession by vetting applicants and conducting hearings on the character and fitness of aspiring lawyers. 

 Most appointees serve a four-year term with the option of being appointed for an additional four years. Members are appointed to the Tribunal by the Executive Committee on the recommendation of the Tribunal Chair, who considers a wide range of factors, including representation, areas of expertise, and experience. 

 For lawyers, these characteristics comprise excellence in their chosen area of law, teaching experience, Continuing Legal Education, and other notable contributions to the profession. All lawyers who apply must be practicing members of the Law Society. 

 For non-lawyers, ideal candidates exhibit career leadership, such as professional or management experience, or a leadership role in community service or governance. 

Don’t miss your chance to help safeguard the integrity of the legal profession and maintain the highest standards of justice.

To learn more about the appointment criteria and the responsibilities of these roles, please visit the Tribunal’s website. The deadline to apply is August 15, 2023. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed in the fall for a term commencing January 1, 2024.