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Hearing aids improve seniors' independence and quality of life

Get the facts vs. myths about hearing aids at a HearingLife clinic near you
HearingLife professionals guide your journey to find ideal hearing solutions. Photo via Audika.

Addressing your hearing health is a sign of strength, not weakness. For a moment, instead of only thinking of your hearing loss, think about what you'll gain when you hear clearly, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

The profound impact of good hearing cannot be understated, and the wellness benefits are numerous.

Consider connecting with your family and friends (think of all the stories you and your grandchildren can share); social interaction (be part of the conversation in a noisy restaurant with ease); entertainment outings (understand the dialogue in live theatre and fully enjoy musical performances throughout the Lower Mainland); and workplace productivity (hear directives clearly and correctly to successfully accomplish your tasks).

Hearing well is at the centre of all these types of daily acts, and are contributing factors in regaining or maintaining your independence, and being the best version of yourself.

Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common type of hearing loss. It's typically caused by the natural aging process or exposure to loud sounds, and is most commonly treated with hearing aids.

Treating hearing loss with hearing aids

Finding the perfect hearing solution is a personal journey, and a licensed hearing care professional at HearingLife will educate you about the hearing aid solutions available to you for your unique hearing loss. They understand your individual needs regarding hearing aid type, colour, and style, as well as your personal budget.

As hearing specialists, they are continually trained in the latest advancements in modern hearing care technology and offer a broad selection of the latest digital high-quality hearing aids from multiple award-winning brands.

“If a hearing loss is identified, the hearing professional you see will go through treatment options," says Katie Koebel,Audiologist and senior manager of Audiology, HearingLife Canada. "If we start to see beginning signs of hearing loss, we’ll recommend assistive hearing items, communication strategies to increase ability for you to hear, and we may recommend hearing aids as treatment.”

"If we do find that you would benefit from hearing aids, we would do a demonstration right in the clinic and set you up with hearing aids you can take home for 30 days to find out how they sound in your real life."

​​As a hearing aid user, Gary Byers knows first-hand how hearing aids have improved the quality of his life. Byers is a Campaign For Better Hearing recipient who benefited from the Campaign for Better Hearing Give Back program. "I can experience normal life again and the world isn't silent anymore," he says. "I am so happy!"

HearingLife provides top-notch care and a wide range of advanced hearing aid options. Photo via Audika

​Three myths and facts about hearing aids

1. Many people resist getting hearing aids because they believe they'll be too conspicuous or unattractive; however, your hearing loss is likely far more noticeable than the use of hearing aids.

The truth is the stigma surrounding hearing aids is fading, and modern hearing aid technology is incredibly discreet. They're equipped with advances in design, function, and wearability, plus advanced noise reduction features that can help filter out unwanted background noise and improve speech recognition.

2. If you think hearing aids are hard to maintain, you're in for a surprise. The fact is, hearing aid maintenance is a breeze with HearingLife's 360-AfterCare program. It makes it easier than ever by taking the hassle out of caring for your hearing aids.

3. You might believe that hearing aids are one size fits all, but that's a myth; everyone's hearing requirements are different. HearingLife's health professionals ensure your hearing aids are tailored to your unique hearing needs and lifestyle, with the technology to ensure maximum comfort and fit.

“We understand the cost of hearing aids can be significant and we don’t want it to be a barrier to treating hearing loss," reveals Koebel. "Offering payment plans allows people to access the hearing technology they need now without having to pay for everything up front."

Feel like yourself again by embracing the life-changing benefits custom-fit hearing aids provide.

With HearingLife clinics in Prince George, personalized hearing care is accessible in your neighborhood. Book an appointment online or call 1-888-514-9515.