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Comedies, dramas and more: You could be the next filmmaker to receive a $20K grant from TELUS STORYHIVE

Apply to the TELUS STORYHIVE Scripted Edition: where dreams become films, and filmmakers become legends
Daniel Stark received production funding from STORYHIVE for his scripted short film ‘The Logging Road.’

Calling all new and emerging filmmakers in B.C. and Alberta! Are you looking to pursue filmmaking and bring your dream scripted project to life? Well, this could be your chance!

TELUS STORYHIVE is elated to embark on a cinematic journey with its brand-new STORYHIVE Scripted Edition, a program tailored exclusively to support fully scripted, locally reflective content. 

Unleash your creativity by submitting a scripted short to mid-length fiction film or community TV pilot, from uproarious comedies to intense dramas and everything in between. Most importantly, the story needs to take place within the community in which you are applying. So, if your script is about a family of vampires struggling to make it to the modern world, sounds great! But remember that the family of vampires needs to live in your community of Prince George. 

Selected filmmakers will receive $20,000 in production funding, training, professional mentorship (in partnership with the National Screen Institute) and distribution on TELUS Optik TV, Stream+ and STORYHIVE's YouTube channel. 

From dream to screen

"We are thrilled to present this opportunity to our communities and eagerly anticipate the creative ideas and stories that will be brought to life through this program," says Erin Shaw, STORYHIVE Northern B.C. territory manager.

"Whether it's a gripping drama, a laugh-out-loud comedy or any genre in between, we're seeking new and emerging filmmakers to reflect the rich diversity of Prince George."

Eligible formats include scripted standalone shorts and TV pilots in drama, comedy or other scripted genres.

Meet Daniel Stark: filmmaker from Prince George who received production funding from STORYHIVE for The Logging Road, his scripted short film that helped launch his film career. 

"STORYHIVE played a critical role in the early careers of many local filmmakers that I look up to," he says. “Applying to STORYHIVE seemed like an obvious next step for me.”

The Logging Road is a tense story about a police officer investigating a suspicious vehicle stopped down a logging road in rural B.C.

Stark says TELUS STORYHIVE played a critical role in the early careers of many local filmmakers that he looks up to, inspiring him to apply. Photo via: Daniel Stark.

"At the time, the goal was to tell a story relevant to my hometown while exploring an aspect of the subject matter that I felt most equipped to explore,” Stark recalls.

What’s special about scripted projects, Stark says, is that “filmmakers can tailor their exact creative sensibilities in a way that is wholly rewarding. If you want a glimpse into someone’s soul at a certain point in time, get them to write an original story and you will get to know them in ways that would be otherwise impossible.”

As part of his experience with STORYHIVE, Stark also worked alongside a mentor. 

“He gave plenty of creative space but felt invested in filling any gaps I was needing in the process,” Stark says of his National Screen Institute mentor. “Having another filmmaker in your corner, giving you confidence in your work allows you to take steps forward without second guessing.”

Stark holds a special place in his heart for scripted projects. He says that the support from STORYHIVE into the scripted genres is so important for telling local stories in B.C. and Alberta and speaks highly of his experience working with the STORYHIVE Team.

For those thinking of applying to STORYHIVE’s new Scripted Edition, Stark says to “make the most of the opportunity. STORYHIVE is affirming that you have permission to sink your teeth into this and allow your dreams to take a little space, so take it!”

Fostering community through creativity 

Community is at the heart of what STORYHIVE represents.

"We're here to help support creatives to bring their unique, locally relevant stories to life and to ensure these narratives reach a wider audience," explains Shaw. "It's more than just entertainment; it's about fostering a sense of community and shared experiences through compelling storytelling."

Stark agrees, encouraging creatives in smaller communities like Prince George to apply for the Scripted Edition. 

“There’s no pressure to be perfect,” he says. “Every project is a snapshot of where you are at in your creative journey, so make your thing, make the most of it, and keep going.”

Stark is grateful he's been able to leverage other opportunities through working with STORYHIVE and reflects on the impact of STORYHIVE in small communities like his.

"The more funding there is for scripted projects in smaller towns, the more likely these creatives can stay and represent their communities within their communities.”

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your storytelling abilities. STORYHIVE alumni are also encouraged to submit an application.

"Your local stories are the heartbeat of our communities," says Shaw. "Let’s bring your dream scripted film project to life!"

Apply at by May 21, 2024.