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Affordable internet service provider expands to Prince George

Babbl offers third-party services that are better tailored to your needs and budget
Choosing a reliable home internet service provider has never been this easy.

Why should you have to pay the big companies big prices for your online connections?

In today’s marketplace where competition is shrinking and costs seem to keep rising, it’s a relief to know there is an alternative to the big companies when choosing an internet service provider (ISP).

Babbl, a third-party ISP that uses existing Internet infrastructure to connect its clients, is that alternative.

“Western Canadian customers have very limited options, and we are trying to change that,” says Jason Speers, president of Babbl. “The internet has become a utility and an essential service, and customers deserve to have affordable, reliable access."

Babbl was launched in late 2020, and officially began offering home internet services to customers in 2021, and currently serves a host of communities in the Lower Mainland (from Whistler to Chilliwack) and Vancouver Island (from Campbell River to Victoria).

“With the experience we have built up, we are looking to expand into northern B.C., the Okanagan and the Kootenays,” Speers says.

Recent mergers of companies providing internet service in Canada has decreased customers’ options, and will inevitably result in charges to increase.

While the existence of third party ISPs is more prevalent in eastern Canadian markets, Speers says his company’s plans are to increase awareness of Babbl to operate in this region, offering services comparable to the big companies, at competitive rates.

“Simply put, it’s the same internet service as the big guys, but at a better price,” Speers says. 

Babbl also simplifies options for their customers by offering just four connection speeds to better match users, so they are not overpaying for a service they don’t necessarily need.

“It starts with low-end users who occasionally check their email, social media pages, or buy something online,” Speers explains. “That category of customer doesn’t need to pay exorbitant prices for a lightning fast internet connection. They just require reliable access.”

“The other end of the spectrum are heavier users, which includes families with teenagers who game online, parents who work from home or have a business, and those who subscribe to movie streaming services.”

While there isn’t a “magic number” to blanket the needs of all users, Babbl has plans that are closely tailored to their customers’ actual demands and cost brackets.

“We don’t simply push the fastest speeds. In fact, you’ll notice most of the marketing by the big companies seem to focus on that,” Speers says. “Our analogy is you don’t need a Ferrari to go grocery shopping.”

“Ultimately, it’s up to the customer to decide which speed of service they feel they need, and we try to help them match that as best we can.”

Overall, Babbl’s internet services are 15 to 25% less than the big providers.

Plus, there is built-in flexibility since customers are not lumbered with contracts as Babbl offers month-to-month connection, with the option to easily switch to different service speeds and prices once the customer determines their actual needs.

“The cost of most everything today is up, and ‘shrinkflation’ is giving buyers less for their money,” Speers says. 

“We don’t want to be part of that complaint from consumers. We want to be part of that solution with better pricing for Canadians who need it.”

Babbl is a B.C.-based, third party internet service provider which uses current internet infrastructure to connect its customers with reliable services at competitive prices, without the need for lengthy contract commitments. For more info, visit