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Here’s why you and your loved ones should add regular hearing tests to your healthcare routines

Hearing loss doesn’t just affect seniors. It’s never too early to love your ears with a free hearing test offered by HearingLife.
A proactive approach to hearing health is essential.

Recent health statistics reveal an alarming fact – over 80% of individuals aged 70 and above in Canada are affected by hearing loss.

However, this number doesn’t tell the whole story. Our hearing doesn’t just start to fail after a certain age. Hearing loss is a gradual and progressive issue that often spans decades, beginning around age 50.

“As an audiologist, I would recommend you start checking your ears at age 50,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

“Come in for a baseline test. We can catch you at an early stage and counsel you on how to be proactive and to protect the hearing that you have, create a hearing wellness plan for you, and monitor your hearing levels.”

While the visible impact of hearing loss might not manifest until later in life, the underlying damage starts much earlier, although it might not appear on standard hearing tests for years. 

This delay in detection is primarily due to the progressive nature of hearing loss.

One significant contributor to the prevalence of hearing loss in Canada is the accumulation of noise exposure over time. While aging plays a role in the breakdown of various bodily functions, most Canadians live in a noisy world and do not adequately protect their hearing. Many individuals are unaware that leading a seemingly normal life can put their hearing at risk, as they routinely expose themselves to unsafe noise levels.

Hearing loss is not a problem exclusive to seniors. Instead, it often shows up later in life, having gradually degraded hearing capabilities over time. By the time individuals reach their 60s and 70s, they may realize the need to seek treatment.

A proactive approach to hearing health is essential. HearingLife offers free hearing tests that are quick, painless, and complimentary. They provide valuable information to help you take care of your ears, preserve your natural hearing, and establish a proactive approach to hearing health.

“All we need is one hour of your time. It’s painless and then you have the info you need to take care of your ears, love you ears, and to retain your natural hearing for as long as you possibly can,” Price says.

“It’s highly recommended that you add a regular hearing test to your wellness checklist.”

Additionally, by bringing a loved one to a hearing test appointment, you can help them to also engage in early intervention, which is crucial for successful treatment outcomes. Research has shown that individuals who accept treatment options early on have a significantly higher rate of success. The brain's ability to adapt to reintroduced sounds is more effective when treatment starts at an earlier stage of hearing loss.

Should your hearing test determine you require hearing aids, you will be amazed by how far the technology has come. New hearing aids offer discreet, effective solutions. From Bluetooth connectivity to noise reduction, today's hearing aids provide enhanced sound quality and improved user experiences in a small and discreet package.

Not only that, HearingLife offers a risk-free trial period to test out the hearing aids for yourself to see what a difference they can make to your life.

Don't wait until hearing loss becomes a significant concern; take the easy step of getting a baseline hearing test at age 50 to ensure a lifetime of sound health.

To learn more, and schedule a free hearing test for you and a loved one today, visit