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Photos: Peek inside one of the most expensive homes for sale in Canada

This luxury home in Vancouver is on the market for $48 million.

Vancouver's housing market is famously expensive right now, and this house is pushing up the average.

The Point Grey luxury home at 1450 Blanca St. has just hit the market, carrying with it a $48-million price tag. That's so expensive it comes with a name, according to the listing: Casa Blanca.

"This modern beach house seamlessly intertwines grand scale with intimate design to create understated elegance and sophistication," states the listing.

The house was recently on a list of the most expensive residential properties in B.C., ranking eighth on B.C. Assessment's annual list. There it was valued at $38.04 million.

It's located just above Spanish Banks Beach and is steps away from Belmont Avenue, sometimes called "Billionaires Row" due to the expensive homes along the short street. All are large, and most have views of English Bay.

The house was built in 2002 and has 12,000 square feet of living space spread over three storeys, with seven bedrooms and eight full or partial bathrooms.

Aside from the plentiful basics, it has several other rooms, including a sport court, spa, fitness centre and indoor gym. There's also a pool and basketball court outside.

There's also a wine cellar, several fireplaces inside and outside, water features including by the front entrance, and a private path down to the beach.

According to the listing, it's the first time the house has been on the market.

On, it's the third most expensive single-family home in Canada currently on sale in the country. There are several other more expensive properties, but all but two are for other purposes, like land for an entire suburban neighbourhood or a trio of properties where multiple highrises are proposed.

The only two other properties for sale that cost more is a ranch in Saskatchewan (which also has 18,000 acres of land with gas wells) selling for just under $50 million, and another house in the same neighbourhood as the Blanca home. Located on Belmont Avenue, that one is selling for $55.8 million.