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This mini-Mediterranean resort is actually a $12.8-million Vancouver mansion

Check out that lair.

It may look like a mini-Mediterranean resort, but it's actually a house in Vancouver.

Perhaps unsurprisingly it's in Shaughnessy, at 1598 Marpole Ave. With an asking price of $12.8 million, it is definitely cheaper to go to the south of France for a couple of weeks  but then you don't own a 92-year-old house.

Among the features of this eight-bedroom, six-bathroom home are an outdoor pool, plenty of European style and lots of hardwood detailing inside. In fact, there's one room with hardwood floors and walls with a vaulted ceiling, which looks like it'd make an excellent lair. There are even faces carved in.

Inside, there's plenty of dining space (in the photos, two dining tables are set up, but if you owned it you could probably do what you want with that space), a library nook and bathrooms that look like they're from an art deco hotel.

Oh, and just for fun, there's a little greenhouse, too.