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Trump’s horrible legacy

As usual I have to take out a dictionary to understand the points Nathan Giede is trying to make in his column; words like logos, ethos, and pathos.

As usual I have to take out a dictionary to understand the points Nathan Giede is trying to make in his column; words like logos, ethos, and pathos. Randle McMurphy, crazy uncle Don, officious Aunt Hil got me this time but I did see Jack Nicholson's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest so Nurse Ratched must refer to Hillary Clinton. You certainly don't have the conciseness and clarity of Nobel Laurates Albert Camus and Ernest Hemingway but I guess that's your style. 

Speaking of Nobel prizes who nominated Trump for a Peace prize? Putin, Kim Jung Un, or perhaps the Saudi leader who had the Muslim American journalist Jamal Khashoggi assassinated?

Forty-five months of record low employment? This seems to ignore the last six of which had record high EI registrations.

I hope this column was just an election prediction and you seriously didn't support Trump's re-election. 

Trump had an Iranian general killed then he said when they retaliated, not one American life was lost in the resulting airplane explosion. Did he apologize to the 67 Canadian students or 100 other or so Europeans? 

The Muslim journalist Khashoggi was one American life lost. Didn't matter to Trump. No action! Saudi's have oil in abundance. Still think America is self-sufficient? Upon release from his self-inflicted COVID event, Trump worried about a photo-op not his also stricken wife or his exposed security detail, one of whom said "I signed on to take a bullet for the President not a bullet from him.”

The previous Republican President George W. Bush acted just as woefully, shipping off the Bin Laden family while the rest of the U.S. was on lockdown during 911. He also engineered the recession of 2008, which Obama managed to reverse.

Why any religious group supports Trump is beyond me! Christ said, "And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” I'll put Hillary in jail or get the attorney- general to charge Biden. 

Think he's going to treat himself like he treats them?

Trump's treatment of scientists like Anthony Fauci, the U.S.'s top doctor, and the fired FBI director James Comey, show he feels omniscient a quality I thought only God had. Trump's paranoid state makes anyone who votes against an enemy! A minister once said "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Trump is the epitome of this.

Trump's legacy is a divided America, inventing the super-spreader COVID event and an American geriatric genocide. Killing off the elderly may be a bit Hitlerian but Trump will probably try to sell it as a way of saving money on social security. 

Trump spent his whole 2016 campaign claiming the election was rigged but failed to ask for a re-vote or recount as an honest man might. Now he claims this one is rigged and if he wins he'll still accept it, no questions asked.

Trump is the exact politician he railed against in 2016 only worse. As for law and order, he should have turned himself in for not openly declaring his tax returns, inciting violence against the duly elected in Wisconsin, and illegally calling for the AG to charge Biden and others, a clear violation of the separation of the judiciary and the executive branches. With a truly impartial Senate the impeachment may well have succeeded. 

Nathan, a good journalist might try to verify the things he reads on Fox not parrot them verbatim.Maybe check CBC or CNN first before writing.

Alan Martin

Prince George