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Thank you to everyone on the front lines of the B.C. floods and mudslides

A hearty thanks, on behalf of British Columbians
Drivers stranded on Highway 7 were eventually flown out by helicopter

It's been a wild few days in southern B.C., as an extreme weather event brought floods, mudslides and rock slides, wreaking havoc on roads, highways, and other infrastructure.

Then the windstorm hit.

People were evacuated from their homes, some were stranded in their cars, and we're extremely fortunate that there have not yet been any deaths reported as a result.

And throughout all of this, countless heroes went to work to help. They deserve our deepest gratitude.

The E-Comm 911 operators who took calls and called on other heroes to help.

The firefighters, police, and ambulance folks who were worked non-stop.

Search and rescue volunteers who do this sort of selfless work year-round.

Highway operations managers and every single person who works for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

BC Hydro workers who are still working to restore power to neighbourhoods.

City workers who were dealing with multiple emergencies at a time.

Everyday citizens who took people in who were either stranded or evacuated (we hope to bring you stories about these helpers soon - email me if you have a good one to share).

There are a lot of others not mentioned here, but please know that if you helped out in any way during the disastrous past few days, British Columbians appreciate what you do.

Now go outside and enjoy that brief window of sunshine while it lasts. You deserve it.