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Opinion: What to do about problem Canada Post carriers?

I would love to hear a response from the Prince George Canada Post depot other than sticking up for the employee who screamed and hung up on me.
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I recently had a change of mail carriers (I have mail delivered to my door) and since the change I have not been receiving mail on a regular basis.  My doorbell camera has recorded him coming here twice since Oct. 1.

After filing two complaints about this to the Canada Post 1-800 number and getting nowhere, I phoned the depot directly to speak to the supervisor.

When I did finally speak to him, he refused to answer my questions about mail delivery.  He actually yelled and screamed at me and then hung up on me!

As taxpaying citizens who pay the wages of the employees at Canada Post, don’t we deserve better?

Maybe my problem is I’m old enough to remember when things moved a bit slower and people took the time to be kind to each other.  There was a basic social standard of acceptable behavior.

This level of poor service and the approach of bullying those who dare to complain is relatively new.  And it works.  People are scared away, figure it’s not worth the fight.

I would love to hear a response from the Prince George Canada Post depot other than sticking up for the employee who screamed and hung up on me.

What is going on down there? I have an employee from the depot telling me that my new carrier is the son of the supervisor and it’s common knowledge that his son doesn’t complete his routes.

Apparently there is no policy at Canada Post about family members working together.  I asked specifically if a supervisor and his son could work out of the same depot.  No problem, I was told.

How many companies have that policy these days?

I truly believe based on evidence from my previous mail carrier and my neighbors that the new carrier has a reputation for being mean and vindictive towards customers including pepper spraying dogs without provocation and not reporting it to the supervisor, as well as putting mail holds on people with dogs.  I have already been threatened about my dogs, right after my first complaint.

To me personally, the scariest thing about this is that it fits a profile of Prince George and how business is done here. It is a clear, distinct pattern of behavior: a lack of customer service, and then lack of accountability for the poor service all seemingly accepted by a population who seemed to be brainwashed into thinking this is all that they can expect.

I’m sorry if you are the Prince George Citizen and my negative view of the culture of Prince George offends you. I also know that I have contacted you a lot about my experiences here.

People new to this area have a lot of insight and perspective to share.  The Prince George culture is very unique to Prince George and I believe it would be beneficial to the whole community if it was challenged once in a while.

In regards to my issues with School District 57, including noise from school grounds, harassment and slander from the principal including two false police complaints, I have retained  a legal firm from Vancouver to represent me.  We will start with two separate cease and desist letters and see where it goes from there. 

At this point, we are not seeking damages but that is dependent on the response from the defendant.

Lynn Blatta

Prince George

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