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More thoughts on recall

After my letter of last week I have been asked if "recall" is appropriate for our MLA's.

After my letter of last week I have been asked if "recall" is appropriate for our MLA's. First of all let me clarify that I believe our MLA's work hard on behalf of many individuals and organizations within our region but, as MLA's, they must respect the over-arching principle that in a democracy, it is the people who hold the power. When a candidate puts forward a platform that the people endorse through election, then they are truly carrying out the "will of the people". This was not the case with the HST as no party or elected representative proposed it as part of their election platform. When, during the course of governing, issues that were not contemplated during the election process, and were not defined by platform, are addressed, the MLA must always do so cognizant of the "will of the people". When there is a significant rejection of position by the people, you must listen. If you do not listen to the people then democracy no longer exists. Outside of the ballot box the referendum process is a very complex and difficult way for the people to give voice. The people of B.C. have strongly stated that they do not want the HST. If our MLA's move away from the HST and it has negative impact on the province, it is the people who must accept the responsibility for that decision. If our MLA's ignore the people, they place themselves above the people and they are no longer preserving a democratic society. That is why I would support recall for any MLA who does not oppose the implementing of the HST at this time.

If any MLA, or any party wishes to pursue the HST initiative, make it part of their platform and let us have an election.

If the majority of the people show support through the ballot box, then we can make the HST happen and democracy will have been served.

Fred McLeod

Prince George