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Letter: Young voters raise hope for action on climate

A new, younger generation of voters may force politicians to act on the environment, a letter writer says

Re: “Let’s act now to save summer,” Opinion, July 15 
Clearly there has been discouragingly insufficient political courage and will to properly act on Canada’s significant fossil-fuel role in the cause-and-effect of manmade global warming and climate change. This includes the most polluting/dirtiest of crude oils – bitumen. ‘Liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ are overly preoccupied with vociferously criticizing one another for their politics and beliefs thus diverting attention away from the planet’s greatest polluters, where it should and needs to be sharply focused. 
Regardless of which political party, our federal governments consistently prop the already profitable fossil fuel industry. 
In 2019, Canada’s Liberal government gave the fossil fuel sector 12-fold the subsidization it allocated towards renewable energy innovation. 
This is on top of agreeing to triple the diluted bitumen pipeline-flow westward through B.C., which means increasing the oil freighter traffic seven-fold through pristine whale-bearing waters. 
But I still see some hope for spaceship Earth and therefor humankind due to environmentally conscious and active young people, especially those who are approaching/reaching voting age. In contrast, the dinosaur electorate who have been voting into high office consecutive mass-pollution promoting or complicit/complacent governments for decades are gradually making way for voters who fully support a healthy Earth thus populace through personal actions.

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock, B.C.